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Lyrics for Three Dollar Bill Y'All$



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it's not my mind (5x) yo J and I get a little bit your veins flow with poison please acknowledge my present this precious gift that I behold discarded like trash to dominate, it's in your nature, you selfish brat {chorus} I can't believe you had me strung out all over you like that one minute you're sweet the next minute you're sour I taste the envious predictions, change with each hour I've seen this before, you even decide to step into my little world strange things occurring happening over and over and over again now bitch you are cruelty you bark your orders with such a degrading dialect {chorus} one minute you think you're on this the next minute you think you're on that but your playin' with the nova momma didn't show ya how to take it, you can by the man when it's over i'll be hunting you down waiting for the pay back, your frown begging me for your mercy I ain't down with the sympathy you see and I always remember your tender love wipe me under the rug just so you can step on my spine I'm gonna get mine - 2x ?????? reminds me I'm gonna get mine I wish I was wasted I'm gonna get mine ???????? I'm gonna get mine I'd like to rearrange your face I'm gonna get mine ??????? I'm gonna get mine ?????? you're so sweet - 3x I'm gonna get mine - 3x ?????? I'm gonna get mine ?????? I'm gonna get mine I'll rearrange your face I'm gonna get mine I'll rearrange your face I'm gonna get mine you're so sweet - 3x you're always right and I'm always wrong not my mind that's why I love you so much not my mind you're so sweet not my mind I love you not my mind you're so sweet not my mind I love you not my mind...


Clunk -7x hey mister, elevate that mic ??? you might need to rest up or pump that chest up because that mental is fading, ego you overplayed it you busta you just can't be trusted the drama, your mama must've really been disgusted {chorus} but you got no clue always screaming everybody owes you well kid I never did, and never will it's gone too far it's gone too far and it's on (well it's gone way to far punk) I never did well I never did kid it's gone too far fuckin' punks been bringing all the funk in knowing you man you're probably not thinking got you lips sinking there it goes flying over that head you'll be crying lying in your death bed now you're just a reject ??? Mc'y D's just to gain a little respect {chorus} you need to drop that freakin' ego before you crash before the headlights are simply glaring in your eyes and you're goin down what's the matter with the life that you're leadin' when you're bleedin' everyone's thinking how much they hate you it's not to late dude, just that time for you to zip up that girl take a deep breath, look around, ain't nobody left just a target, bull's eye still you walk around in a clown like a clown in a force field see I'm not crazy, you're the one who's crazy institution bound to be the only way that we can even solve this had about as much as I can take so do yourself a favor


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